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Bloomber, Darktrace US and UK Cooperation on Cyber Security

today19 January 2015

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News Elizabeth Gladen

David Cameron touts Darktrace as part of Cyber Defence

Jan. 16 — David Cameron touts Darktrace in for the plan by the U.S. and the U.K. to fight hackers. Officials with the British cyber-security company “Darktrace” joined Prime Minister Cameron on his U.S. visit. The company’s executive vice president of cyber intelligence and former NSA executive, Jim Penrose, joined ...

Co3 webinar on data breach crisis control. How to communicate when you're in the hot seat.

today1 January 2015

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Webinar Elizabeth Gladen

Data Breach Crisis Control Webinar

Taking place Thursday 8th January 2015 @ 6 pm GMT tune into our partners Co3 Systems webinar – Data Breach Crisis Control: How to communicate when you’re in the hot seat. A data breach can become a company crisis quickly, and as the attacks on Sony and Target show, a ...