Month: June 2016

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Cyberseer Press Release


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Press Release Elizabeth Gladen

Markerstudy Group Partners with Cyberseer in Drive for Smarter Cyber Security

LEADING INSURANCE COMPANY IN DRIVE FOR SMARTER CYBER SECURITY SELECT CYBERSEER TO DEFEND AGAINST CYBER THREATS Cyberseer, specialists in advanced threat detection, today announced Markerstudy Group of Companies is deploying their services across its complex network to safeguard their cyber security. Cyberseer’s managed service for threat detection and analysis, using ...

Detecting Ransomware the good bay and unknown


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Blog Elizabeth Gladen

Blog: Detecting Ransomware – The Good, the Bad, and the Unknown

Ransomware has become one of the most widespread and damaging threats that businesses or organisations face. Since CryptoLocker first appeared in 2013, there has been an ever-increasing number of file-encrypting Ransomware variants commonly delivered through attachments from spammed e-mail, downloaded from malicious pages through malvertisements, or dropped by exploit kits ...