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Cyberseer Blog Malcious Email Prevention and Response


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Blog Elizabeth Gladen

Malicious E-mail Prevention & Response

Millions of malicious e-mails are sent every day. Symantec reported that in 2016 1 in 131 e-mails sent contained malware. This figure dropped in 2017 down to 1 in 412 however according to Verizon’s 2017 Data Breach Investigations Report, two-thirds of all malware distributed was installed via malicious e-mail attachments. 60% of ...

Cyberseer Blog Detecting and Stoping a Remote Access Scam


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Blog Elizabeth Gladen

Cyberseer – Detecting & Stopping a Remote Access Scam

Technical support and remote access scams aren’t exactly a new concept, they have been observed since as early as 2008. The premise is simple, the scammer cold calls the victim posing as a legitimate-sounding third-party, with a name such as “Microsoft” or “Windows Technical Support” and offers to resolve issues such ...

The Facebook Hack is the proof we need to embrace Maching Learning Threat Detection and Response for faster threat detection


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Blog Elizabeth Gladen

The Facebook Hack Is The Proof We Need!

The Facebook Hack – The proof we need to embrace Machine Learning Threat Detection Tools for faster detection and response, by Martin Cook, Cyber Solutions Architect, Cyberseer. Whilst the Wall Street Journal reports that Facebook could land a $1.63 billion dollar fine from the European Union under the new GDPR regulations, ...