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It’s a daily occurrence that we read about a cyber-attack in the news! Traditional tools are failing to combat these attacks effectively and law firms of all sizes are vulnerable. Cyberseer specialise in advanced threat detection and cyber incident resolution, being founded on the belief that current security solutions do not stand up to today’s sophisticated attacks.

We combine expert human analysis with next generation technologies to offer threat detection capabilities that are the logical progression for security conscious organisations looking to move beyond traditional approaches.

  • Protect critical data.
  • Protect confidential business intelligence.
  • Detect & manage third party supplier risk.
  • Identify threats & make informed real time decisions to protect your environment.
  • Receive actionable insight, analysis, intelligence & visualisation of the enterprise.

Threat Detection  

Our security solution Darktrace is a world leading Enterprise Immune System technology for cyber security. Using new machine learning techniques based on the biological principles of the human immune system, Darktrace detects persistent adversaries, unidentified cyber threats and emerging anomalies that bypass all other security controls.

Darktrace monitorNamed ‘Best Security Company of the Year 2015’, Darktrace is capable of identifying new, emerging threats within computer networks in real time. This unique technology was discovered by a group of ex GCHQ/MI5 and Cambridge University mathematicians, leveraging advanced mathematical models to establish an evolving understanding of every device, user and network and stay ahead of developing APTs, insider attacks and other live threat scenarios.

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Threat Intelligence

We offer a managed service, staffed by a team of analysts, expert in interpreting suspicious activities in your network; their primary tool is the Darktrace Enterprise Immune System Platform. Understanding if a surfaced anomaly is worthy of investigation and therefore a real threat in the context of the customer environment is the essence of our service.

Cyberview Threat IntelligenceCyberseer’s adoption of the Darktrace signature-less anomaly detection technology fused with expert human driven analytics gives our customers a deeper insight that no automated technology can attain.

We’ve identified malicious insider movements as well as sophisticated developing threat actors in process, without flooding customers with multiple incidents to investigate.

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