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About Knight Frank

Knight Frank is the UK’s leading independent real estate consultancy with more than 500 offices across 60 territories and more than 5,000 people. They provide a worldwide service that’s locally expert and globally informed which allows them to connect people and property, perfectly.

Number of employees: 19,000 globally.

Knight Frank are customers of Cyberseer
Cyberseer's Managed Security Service:​ One service, with many solutions​

Knight Frank's Challenges

There were two main challenges for Knight Frank. Firstly, they understood the sophisticated attacks that are prevalent today and were proactively searching for a managed security service that could easily integrate with their environment. Knight Frank wanted a solution that gave them full visibility and control of their estate and users.

The service needed to be able to rapidly identify potential threats and automatically construct detailed behavioural timelines which would reduce the manual effort required to gather data for investigations and allow Knight Frank to make informed decisions to mitigate risks.

The second challenge for Knight Frank was meeting their customers, other stakeholders and ISO:27001 requirements for centralising security data into a single global repository.

Cyberseer's solution

Having worked closely with Knight Frank to understand their specific requirements, Knight Frank chose Cyberseer’s 24/7 managed SOC powered by Exabeam technology. The Exabeam Data Lake platform collects and visualises global security data, whilst the Advanced Analytics UEBA platform interrogates the data with machine learning to surface any anomalous behaviour.

Any notable users or entities are then processed through Cyberseer’s ASPECT platform, which enriches, classifies and prioritises events before routing them to forensic analysts to triage and report to Knight Frank. The 24/7 service provides visibility and detection of advanced threats across Knight Frank’s global estate and user population to protect Knight Frank from sophisticated attacks.

Managed SIEM

Benefits from our solution

Cyberseer’s on-going threat detection and analysis service strengthens Knight Franks’ security posture. The real estate group can now optimise its capacity for effective threat mitigation through having the ability to detect and understand the severity of internal and external threats targeted against its staff and technology.

“By appointing Cyberseer we now have gained full visibility of our estate, leveraged advanced technologies with a service protecting Knight Frank 24×7″

Craig Simpson
Group Head of Infrastructure and IT Operations

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