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Case Study

About Markerstudy

Markerstudy Group provides insurance solutions through a network of UK insurance intermediaries and distribution divisions.

The Markerstudy Group of Companies comprises of a variety of complementary businesses and brands, which provide a full range of insurance products and services including windscreen and vehicle repair, accident management and niche insurance.

Markerstudy Group, customer of Cyberseer

Markerstudy's Challenges

  • Secure rapidly expanding network.
  • Identify suspicious insider activity.
  • Prevent advanced persistent threat.
  • Protect sensitive customer data.
  • Cyberseer’s Solution

    Markerstudy Group chose to deploy Cyberseer’s threat detection and analysis service, monitoring network traffic using the Darktrace Cyber Intelligence Platform.

    How did Markerstudy benefit from our solution?

    ✔ They gained full visibility of the network environment.

    ✔ Early detection of previously unknown threats.

    ✔ Prevent emerging threats from escalating into a crisis.

    ✔ Improved consumer confidence from better protected data.

    “With this managed service we have increased confidence in our security, which translates into a more stable environment for our staff and customers.”
    Lou Lwin
    Head of Enterprise Architecture

    The Conclusion

    Cyberseer’s on-going threat detection and analysis service boosts Markerstudy’s cyber defence system. The insurance group optimises its capacity for effective threat mitigation through having the ability to detect and understand the severity of internal and external threats. In addition, it has comprehensive documentation of the entire network.

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