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Cyberseer Threat Analytics Service

Cyberseer offers a threat detection service solution that helps provide successful defence against advanced actors.

Our analysts leverage the visibility from deployed technologies to construct a comprehensive view into incident detection in your business environment. This visibility is accomplished through a combination of external intelligence resource and cross-product analysis comprising of existing deployed technologies with machine learning solutions to detect and identify threats within and outside your environment.

Behind this process lies a vast extent of human expertise and exploratory work to manually identify, investigate and analyse unusual behaviour that may be indicative of threats in real time as they occur.

For every incident detected, our Analysts draw on their expertise, external sources of intelligence and the context of your network before presenting you with an informed and considered explanation of the threats you face.

Our Analysts investigate anomalies on a continual basis to identify the severity of threats. Each threat identified is classified and scored in terms of both severity and confidence and this analysis is used to visualise the trends and types of threats in your network:

Cyberseer Threat Classification Breakdown
Cyberseer Threat Score Chart

Figure 1. Cyberseer’s Analyst Threat Classification Breakdown and Threat Scores.

Our Cyber Security Analysts classify each threat by category as well as rate each threat by both severity and confidence. This enables you to effectively decide what to make your priority, identify areas of weakness and make informed investment decisions to bolster your defence.

Cyberseer Threat Trending Chart

Figure 2. Cyberseer’s Analyst Threat Trends.

Our Cyber Security Analysts track and trend this rating on a month by month basis so you can tell whether your threat status is improving.

Get our Analyst Threat FindingsFindings are communicated in three ways:

  • Threat alerts, communicated directly to the primary customer contacts, for any threats which are scored highly enough by our Analysts.
  • Weekly threat updates providing a summary and technical detail of any newly classified threats.
  • Monthly threat intelligence reports that contain the aggregated content from the previous four weekly threat updates and month-on-month statistics tracking overall changes in the customer threat level.

Cyberseer Managed Service Capabilities:

  • Monitor & review the outputs of all service related hardware and software positioned in the business.
  • Tune & configure the technologies deployed via Cyberseer in the network.
  • Maintain and update all service related hardware and software as required and in line with manufacturers best practice.
  • Monitor the defined customer data sources for anomalous behaviour.
  • Proactively “hunt” for undiscovered threats on the network based on the latest threat intelligence.
  • Provide detailed reports into the security of your network and the current threats faced.
  • Escalate high priority incidents detected to a pre-defined customer escalation point and where appropriate provide guidance on remediation.

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Cyberseer Threat Detection and Analysis Service

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