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Prepare, Detect, and Respond to Cyber Attack with the Right Cyber Security Solutions

Protect your Organisations data, intellectual property and brand with best of breed cyber security technology and services.

Today CIO’s and CISO’s face a key issue of lack of visibility of the threat landscape, the volume of incidents and origin and seriousness of threats, not to mention the key issue of time. The time it takes to detect threats and time it takes to contain them.

Organisations security defences are failing as a result of outdated platforms leveraging technology dependent upon signatures, which stands little chance against today’s sophisticated cyber-attacks.

Cyberseer provide an ecosystem of cutting edge technologies that provide a truly intelligent and flexible defence that addresses the risk posed by these cyber adversaries and breaks the ‘kill chain’ or cyber-attack process.

About Cyberseer – Advanced Threat Detection

Cyberseer is a pioneering British provider of world-class cyber security solutions and threat detection. Organisations of all sizes rely on Cyberseer to provide visibility of the threat landscape and protect information assets and intellectual property by communicating the risk threats pose to the organisation. For more information about Cyberseer, review our about us page.

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