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Safer Digital Business with Digital Shadows Technology that provides a hacker's eye view of your organisation - Book a Digital Shadows Demo

Social media, cloud services and mobile devices are revolutionising the way organisations do business. However this comes at the risk of unwelcome online exposure.

Digital Shadows services enable organisations to exploit social, cloud and mobile technologies whilst keeping security and reputation intact from data loss and targeted cyber-attacks.

Digital Shadows, a cyber-threat intelligence company, are founded on a proprietary data analysis system that continually monitors tens of millions of data sources to create an up-to-the-minute “hacker’s eye view” of your organisation and the risks your organisation needs to mitigate.

Perimeter walls that once protected an organisation’s sensitive data cannot cope with the ever-expanding trail of information exposed on the Internet by its employees, suppliers and partners. This is the digital shadow: unintentionally-exposed personal, technical or organisational information that leaves your business vulnerable.

Information that is confidential, sensitive or proprietary. Information that helps hostile groups find weak points and launch targeted cyber-attacks. Information that can seriously damage your brand. Information that can put your key employees at risk.

Now, more than ever, organisations need to regain control of their digital shadows.

Digital Shadows is being used by many financial service clients across the world as well as other sectors such as:

  • Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology
  • Oil, Gas & Mining
  • Engineering
  • Local & Central Government
  • Healthcare
  • National Security, Intelligence & Law Enforcement
  • Defence & Defence Industrial Base

Read the White Paper: Say Goodbye to Social Media Risks

White Paper With Better Situational Analysis Say Goodbye to Social Media Risks

Over the years, there has been an explosion in the use of social media. For businesses, social media offers new ways of interacting with, understanding and serving the public.

However, in their rush to embrace social media, organisations are underestimating the risks associated with an online environment where everything is instantly broadcast, amplified and indelibly recorded.

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