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Thrive in the face of cyber attacks and business crisis with Resilient Systems Incident Response Platform

Resilient Systems Product Overview

Resilient Systems Incident Response Platform (IRP) can help you thrive in the face of today’s expanding threat landscape.

The IRP arms incident response teams from many trusted global organisations with workflows, intelligence and deep actionable insight, ensuring quicker reactions, better coordination and smarter response.

Resilient’s IRP breaks incident response into Security, Privacy and Action modules, enabling teams to modify their response to incidents to suit their organisational needs and continue to adapt to incidents in real time as they evolve.

Resilient Systems is an award winning Incident Response Platform that can be scaled to organisations of any size, from small incident response teams to the sophisticated requirements of a FTSE 100 company. The IRP is technology agnostic and can be connected to existing threat intelligence or detection systems to enable faster and more effective response.

Resilient Systems Response Platform with Dashboard, Reporting and Automated Escalation

Security Module

The Security Module underpins response planning, management and mitigation. With dynamic action plans, automated intelligence feeds and comprehensive reporting, incident response teams both large and small will perform better. All best practices are housed within the IRP on how to deal with nearly every type of incident. The IRP provides a resilient instruction set that can lead a team through the most effective path to respond. The IRP has the ability to be customised to support the requirements of the organisation without programming expertise.

Privacy Module

The Privacy Module has been formed from an industry-leading knowledgebase of global regulatory requirements, enabling the IRP to be instant and customisable for breach preparation, assessment and management. A lengthy, tiresome and epxensive process is turned into one that is fast, proficient, compliant and continually updated in real time.

Action Module

Resilient Systems Action Module allows organisations to manage and resolve incidents quickly and efficiently . Data from detection, ticketing and forensic systems is combined into the IRP to provide critical real-time information to teams so that they can respond quickly to incidents. The Security Module includes built in and automated intelligence feeds. Comprehensive reporting and customisable dashboards enure that senior management can access pertinent information.

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