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Cyberseer Speak At Cyber Threat Workshop – “The Breach It’s No Longer If, But When”

Cyberseer Speak At Cyber Threat Workshop – “The Breach It’s No Longer If, But When”

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Cyberseer’s Lead Cyber Security Analyst selected to speak at Cyber Threat Workshop “The Breach – It’s No Longer If, But When”

Andrew Tsonchev Lead Cyber Security Analyst Cyberseer

Andrew Tsonchev, Cyberseer’s Lead Cyber Security Analyst will be speaking at the Cyber Threat Workshop on Thursday 11th June at St Paul’s – 200 Aldersgate, organised by Kingston Smith Consulting in collaboration with City University.

Andrew will be providing insight on an intelligence driven service that uses behavioural learning technology to identify advanced threats within your network, whilst answering the much debated questions:

  • Can data security exist in the digital age?

  • How can we protect our assets and manage the cyber threat?

As the Telegraph states cybercrime costs £266 billion annually and according to the CIO 95% of organisations unknowingly host infected endpoints, which not only includes PC’s but anything connected to a network. It’s only a matter of time when your cyber defences will be breached. It’s inevitable! With the ever increasing complexity of the Internet that organisations depend on, means growth of attacks. It is no longer ‘IF’ but ‘WHEN’ your organisation will suffer a breach.

Mark Child, Technology Risk Management Partner, Kingston Smith Consultingsays: 
“There is no doubt that Cyber Threat is the topic of the moment. It is featuring on the agenda of pretty much every board and audit committee and is on the mind of many organisations. Cyber security has been defined as a Tier 1 threat to the nation and has become a strategic risk management issue for all organisations. We have chosen Cyberseer as one of our technology partners to help advise our clients on how they can start to take back control and minimise the impact of the “bad guys” on their organisation.”
Garath Lauder, Cyberseer Director says: 
“We are delighted to have been asked by Kingston Smith Consulting to demonstrate the latest threat detection technology to an audience of C-level executives. As traditional defence solutions fail, a major issue for organisations is detecting and reacting to a breach quickly. With much larger attack surfaces, it’s inevitable that more sophisticated  threats will be successful. Therefore a truly intelligent and flexible defence is needed to respond to the complexity of the threat landscape”

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