Cyberseer Threat Findings Report

Published: 19th February

Keeping your business safe is your number one priority.
It's ours too.

Fusing advanced threat detection technologies with deep forensic expertise, we help you join all the dots to rapidly distel threats. Our innovative solutions give you all the confidence and proactive control you need – whatever comes your way. 

We’re here to help you keep your people and your reputation safe. It’s what we do for companies around the world every day.

With Cyberseer, you’re no longer on your own.

Within this threat findings report we detail some example anomalies detected in customer’s operational environments, where Cyberseer prevented or limited the damage these cyber threats can inflict. Informing customers about relevant threats as early as possible gives them the best chance to proactively address security weaknesses and take actions to prevent data loss, brand damage or system failure.

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