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Cyberseer’s Managed Service Detects Threats In SaaS Applications Using Darktrace Self-Learning Detection.

Cyberseer’s Managed Service Detects Threats in SaaS Applications using Darktrace Self-Learning Detection.

Cyberseer’s Darktrace managed service customers now benefit from added visibility of, Google Apps and Office 365.

Darktrace Enterprise Immune SystemCyberseer’s threat detection managed service extends to SaaS applications, following the expanding capacity of Darktrace’s self-learning technology.

As a result of organisations increasingly adopting cloud application, significant “blind spots” within networks have developed where critical data and user interactions are going undetected. The release of Darktrace’s new SaaS connectors for applications has extended the visibility of Cyberseer’s Threat Analysts into critical areas of our customer’s infrastructure, enhancing their ability to detect subtle and previously unmonitored activity.

Darktrace SaaS connecters enhance Cyberseer Analysts visibility of advanced threats, with useful data such as user logins, data transfer and downloads, and updates by identifying suspicious behaviour or unusual activities in real time, whether this be via a home network or public WiFi.

Benefits of added visibility of SaaS Applications using Darktrace include:

  • Easy installation within an hour – without requiring access to the physical server.
  • Complete visibility – of user interactions with SaaS applications.
  • Enhanced analysis of threats – into previously unmonitored areas of infrastructure;
  • SaaS applications – include, Google Apps, Dropbox, and Microsoft Office 365.

For a demonstration on how we detect and report advanced threats or for examples of what we are seeing in our customers environments on on a daily basis, get in touch.

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