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What is a Darktrace Proof of Concept?
Why do a Darktrace PoC?
Benefit from the expertise of our forensic analysts.
How does it work?
Proof of Concept Timescales.

What is a Darktrace Proof of Concept?

A Proof of Concept (PoC) is a trial that allows you to evaluate leading cyber-defence appliance Darktrace within your own environment. The trial integrates real threat intelligence from Cyberseer’s advanced threat detection and analytics reporting service.

The PoC allows organisations to understand why world leading companies are relying on Cyberseer technologies and threat detection service before cyber threats turn into damaging incidents.

Why do a Darktrace PoC?

  • Detect unknown threats
    Darktrace’s enterprise immune system technology is powered by machine learning and probabilistic mathematics. It is not reliant on signatures, rules or prior knowledge of threats within your environment. Darktrace continuously learns about your environment, correlating multiple weak indicators in order to form an accurate understanding of normal or abnormal behaviour.

    • Detect threats and anomalies that you did not know existed – Darktrace’s machine learning and mathematical approach starts work on day one, constantly learning in order to detect abnormal behaviour, without any prior knowledge.
    • Recognise what your organisations top security priorities are – Darktrace and our threat detection service informs you of top threats within your network in real time.
    • Take action to minimise risks to your organisation and curb malicious or harmful behaviours.
  • Gain visibility of your global network
    Networks of today are large, busy and complex, making it difficult to visualise what’s really going on, where and how, at all times. With Darktrace Cyber Intelligence Platform, Analysts can model, map and visualise your entire information environment and networks, down to device and user level, giving a complete overview of what is going on within your organisation.

    • Understand what your network and interactions really look like.
    • View the granular detail of your infrastructure, by network, device or user.
    • Know your own organisation better than your adversaries do.
  • Access expert forensic Cyber Analysts
    Cyberseer employs professional cyber intelligence and security analysts who hold strong intelligence backgrounds and real-world experience of encountering and defending against some of the most persistent and malicious threats and cyber criminals.

Benefit from the expertise of our forensic analysts.

  • Collaborate directly with Cyberseer’s analysts to understand the unique findings of the appliance.
  • Review weekly Threat intelligence reports with a bespoke analysis of your environment’s top threats in terms of severity and confidence of risk to your organisation based on our lead cyber analysts investigations.
  • Our service provides you with expert advice about possible strategies in response to the anomalies detected.

How does it work?

  1. The Darktrace appliance is installed
    A single DT appliance can be installed on site in 1-2 hours, or less and takes up just 2U of rack space.
  2. Passive data collection
    Raw network traffic is used by Darktrace in order to get maximum visibility of your network and model your enterprise, devices and users to a high degree of accuracy. Data is passively collected using one of the following methods:
    – Port spanning via your existing network equipment
    – Insertion or reuse of an in-line network tap
    – Access to existing repositories of network data
  3. Data analysis and modelling
    Darktrace will ingest, analyse and model network data immediately. The appliance will establish a ‘pattern of life’ for the enterprise, every device and user and detect anomalies. ¬Over the course of the PoC, this understanding will continually be refined and revised as Darktrace appliance incrementally learns more about how your organisation operates.

You will receive weekly Threat Intelligence Reports from our forensic analysts that will explain anomalies and findings from the Darktrace technology, which Cyberseer believes are worthy of further investigation.

PoC Timescales

Cyberseer and Darktrace Proof of Concept

If you are interested in starting a Proof of Concept with Darktrace and Cyberseer, contact the team[email protected]

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See how the technology works for yourself – Book a Darktrace Demo

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