Darktrace to host exclusive cyber executive forum

News Elizabeth Gladen today6 February 2014 69

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**** This event has now taken place ****

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Darktrace host exclusive Cyber Defence Executive Forum bringing together C-level executives, including CEOs, CIOs and CISOs, general counsels and heads of information security, who are interested in learning how to mitigate cyber risk in this new era of threat and sharing insights across industries.

Darktrace topics of discussion will include the exceptional challenge of large-scale compromises, resulting from vulnerabilities within supply chain firms, contractors and employees, and how to defend against the human being behind every serious attack. The Forum will also examine to what extent a proportionate, intelligence-led approach can prevent serious data exfiltration and damage to revenue and reputation.

Key participants have unique experience spanning from government intelligence, focusing on the protection of critical national infrastructure, to industry, working to safeguard key commercial assets. They will apply this expertise in their examination of the fundamental challenge of defending against persistent and advanced adversaries – taking for granted that these adversaries have already compromised internal systems and are operating from within.

Written by: Elizabeth Gladen

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