Data Breach Crisis Control Webinar

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Taking place Thursday 8th January 2015 @ 6 pm GMT tune into our partners Co3 Systems webinar – Data Breach Crisis Control: How to communicate when you’re in the hot seat.

A data breach can become a company crisis quickly, and as the attacks on Sony and Target show, a breach’s impact can stretch for months. Knowing how to communicate to the various internal and external audiences is crucial to mitigating the trail of damage.

This webinar – “Data Breach Crisis Control: How to Communicate When You’re in the Hot Seat” – features Melanie Dougherty Thomas, a crisis expert with more than 20 years of experience in marketing and communications. Melanie is Managing Director of Inform, a top communications firm that serves Fortune 500’s.

With this webinar, you will learn how to quickly and effectively minimise data breach backlash through proper communications. It will include strategies for:

  • Incident investigation and assessment
  • Public acknowledgement and media management
  • Customer and social media responses
  • Legal notifications and obligations

Our featured speakers for this webinar will be:

  • Melanie Dougherty Thomas, Managing Director, Inform
  • Ted Julian, CMO, Co3 Systems

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Written by: Elizabeth Gladen

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