De stress your security staff with an advanced SOC?

Published: 9th February 2020

Many factors affect the ability for and organisation to remain secure, including an exponential increase in log data due to the adoption of cloud operating models, endpoint monitoring and more reliance being placed on online applications.

The need to ensure that your team are fully up to date on the latest threat hunting techniques, cyber exploits and vulnerabilities is critical.

To help put this challenge into perspective; it’s been estimated that 90% of all log data globally was generated within the last 24 months.

Utilising this log data effectively to your advantage and identifying malicious activity early is your biggest challenge and best defence against a damaging cyber-attack.

Cyberseer utilise Machine learning technologies from leading security vendors combined with automation and orchestration from Cyberseer’s ASPECT platform (Automated Security Platform Enriching Cyber Threats).

ASPECT enhances and contextualises data and alerts that are notified from monitored devices.

To achieve this ASPECT is able to continually automate and orchestrate security data to provide an enriched contextualised view of security alerts and associated intelligence that enable our analysts to quickly identify and manage threats for your organisation.

The utilisation of ASPECT and our dedicated forensic analysts ensures that, as greater reliance on cloud technologies and disparate operating models becomes more complex, the increased data volumes generated as a result don’t create gaps in visibility.