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Download Darktrace Insider Threat White Paper

Insider Threat puts the survival of many businesses at risk. The Darktrace white paper can help you prepare for ‘Insider Threats’.

Delivered to you by Cyberseer – providing managed services for Darktrace.

Insider threat costs businesses billions each year, with current fraud trends indicating that professional criminals are targeting businesses and attacking it from within.

Cyberseer addresses the challenge of detecting insider threat and advanced persistent threats in real time by partnering with smart technology Darktrace, one of the world’s fastest growing cyber defence organisations.

The Darktrace whitepaper addresses the growing challenge of insider threat in the age of interconnected businesses, global supply chains and porous boundaries.

This white paper shows us that insider threat does not have to be catastrophic as long as it is identified quickly, and processes exist to intervene.

Interested in learning how Darktrace’s signature-less detection can support your security strategy in a practical and meaningful way?

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Cyberseer are an official Darktrace Partner

Not all organisations have the expertise and manpower to drive a sophisticated technology like Darktrace. Cyberseer is the only Darktrace partner to offer a managed service. …Learn More

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