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Cyberseer Official Exabeam Partner

 Cyberseer’s 24×7 Managed Threat Detection Service with Exabeam

Organisations face the ongoing challenge of staffing their security operations centres (SOCs) with skilled personnel. In the next few years, there will be even more Security Analyst’s positions unfilled. To alleviate this skills void, Cyberseer delivers a 24 x 7 managed threat detection service underpinned by Exabeams behavioural analytics technologies. Exabeam tooling is natively integrated with Cyberseer’s automated monitoring platform which, when combined translate a sea of high-volume, low-value logs and alerts into a low volume of high-value accurate alerts. Thus, the design introduces both machine and human intelligence into the process, increasing accuracy whilst reducing both false positives and time to discovery.

The service encompasses real-time identification and alerting of anomalous and potentially malicious activity minimising the risk of customers suffering the consequences of a damaging cyber breach. Each monitoring solution designed and deployed by Cyberseer utilises level 3 Forensic Analysts extensive industry expertise. They ensure the solution is aligned to both customers’ needs and can adapt to address the continually evolving threat landscape. The service provides ongoing threat detection and Management Information (MI) output for customers, summarised by three core components:

  • Machine learning, behavioural analytics technologies;
  • Cyberseers automated monitoring platform;
  • Human expertise.

The marriage of advanced behavioural tooling from Exabeam with Cyberseer’s automation translates a sea of high-volume low-value logs and alerts into a low volume of high-value accurate alerts. Complemented by associated timeline activity and contextual information, that are each triaged by our team of Forensic Analysts. This design introduces both machine and human intelligence into the process prior to any communication with the customer, increasing accuracy whilst reducing both false positive alert volume and time to discovery.

Our service is only staffed by level 3, Forensic Analysts. Embracing our unique approach enables Cyberseer to remove the need for level 1 & 2 ‘screen watchers’. All alerts and threat hunting exercises are handled by advanced personnel, who in turn is the interface with the customer during any incident, reporting or service tuning.

Clear, accurate and timely communication in both deployment and live service is critical. Cyberseer has standard design and deployment frameworks which are used in workshop phases, as well as clear communication, reporting and escalation processes based around our automation platform. Our service will alert you to high priority threats as they occur and provide regular reports into the threat status within your environment. Our reports are not computer generated; our level 3 Forensic Analysts manage all alerts, communicating directly with customers and authoring all threat reports detailing discoveries and recommendations.

With Cyberseer:

  • Detect advanced threats, malicious insiders and third-party supplier risk.
  • Understand, prioritise and respond to threats faster.
  • Work on Data Loss Protection (DLP) projects.
  • Assist with Payment Card Industry (PCI).
  • Protect critical data and assets.

Why Cyberseers 24 x 7 Managed Threat Detection Service with Exabeam?

  • Smart security technologies are an important component of your security posture but generate little value without security experts available to manage them.
  • Save resources and add value to your existing infrastructure through operational efficiency, by transforming your organisation into a consumer of technologies while empowering your security practitioners to focus on what’s important.
  • Receive weekly and monthly threat intelligence reports, identifying areas that can be improved in your security posture.
  • Consolidate multiple security data logs into one single dashboard.
  • Meet regulatory requirements for logging and monitoring.
  • Access Cyberseer’s Forensic Analysts experience and strategic partnerships with advanced technology providers.

Cyberseer’s dedicated team of security specialists can design, deploy and manage solutions allowing you to focus on growing your business securely. For more information book a demo or request Cyberseers example threat report.

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