Infographic – Increase ROI of Traditional SIEM’s with UEBA

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Increase ROI of Traditional SIEM’s with User Entity Behaviour Analytics (UEBA)

Back in 1999 the traditional SIEM or SIM centralised logging tool was a good technology that ticked all the boxes. With today’s challenges though, they are not so effective.  The SIEM rule-based approach can struggle to keep up with today’s explosion of data leading to visibility issues and ultimately results in a growing expense. For today’s landscape, the SIEM is ineffectively priced and security folk are left frustrated with selecting the data they monitor, which soaks uptime. We believe leveraging UEBA – User Entity Behavioural Analytics capabilities will improve the ROI of the SIEM, whilst keeping costs down. The infographic shows a comparison of the traditional SIEM developed for yesteryear against the benefits UEBA can deliver today.Infographic Increase ROI of traditional SIEM's using User Entity Behaviour Analytics UEBA



Evolve your SIEM to cope with the ever-changing threat landscape

Cyberseer’s UEBA technology & service is the missing component. Our technology, powered by machine learning and service, provides organisations with complete visibility into modern threats with an automated and intelligent response. Cyberseer delivers where SIEM products are now falling short. With elastic scalability using big data and machine learning architecture, data can be ingested and analysed at any scale, at a predictable cost. Organisations no longer need to choose between adhering to security budgets and adding additional data sources that would minimise their security blind spots.

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Written by: Elizabeth Gladen

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