View Cyberseer’s 2018 Breach Highlights infographic. Review the number of data records lost or stolen globally since 2013.

We take a closer look at data lost or stolen by industry. Social media giants Facebook and Twitter witnessed the greatest level of compromised records. Bad actors had the option of submitting phone numbers and email addresses on Facebook to locate users’ public profiles. They were then able to obtain personal information off them. Over 2 billion users of Facebook were vulnerable to having their public profiles scraped in this way. Twitter experienced a software glitch which exposed users’ credentials in plaintext. The failure revolved around an error of Twitter’s hashing process to scramble users’ passwords prior to writing them to an internal computer log. This caused them to be recorded in a readable text format. British Airways also experienced a sophisticated, malicious criminal attack on its website and app. Customers making bookings with BA over the course of 15 days had their credentials and credit card details stolen.

This infographic looks at the cybersecurity realities in 2018, including breach source, and a closer look at EMEA and the UK.

Infographic 2018 breach highlights