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When John calms down, he's going to get even. - Don't assume all of your cyber threats are external... Look our for Insider Threats

Look out for what’s inside….

IT Security is often focused on external Cyber threats. But what about threats that are within your network – insider threats?

Undetected intrusion, disgruntled or naive employees, rogue media, rampant BYOD – all insider threats that threaten the heart of your organisation where you are most vulnerable – your own networks and workforce.

Cyberseer can help protect you against these insider threats with a dedicated managed service, dovetailing two specialist security solutions; Gigamon and Darktrace.

Darktrace Enterprise Immune System


Register for a breakfast briefing below, download our white paper ‘Detecting Insider Threat’ and find out what’s lurking within your network. 

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Cyberseer’s breakfast briefings are designed for senior cyber security professionals, who would like to learn:

  • How advanced threat detection using machine learning technologies combined with human analytics can help stop insider threat.
  • Leveraging Dartkrace Enterprise Immune System and AI algorithms to detect & respond to cyber-threats.
  • How to visualise emerging threats and get 100% visibility of the network.
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