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JASK The Modern SIEM In The Cloud Which Seamlessly Monitors On Premise And Cloud Infrastructures

JASK is a modern, cloud-native SIEM, analysing cloud environments in addition to the on-premises network, endpoints and logs in a single platform.

Typically, security operations are designed around yesterday’s technology, and as a result, Analysts are spending approximately 80 per cent of their time managing, on average, 1700 alerts a day. The JASK SIEM platform is an AI and machine learning data solution, which automates the collection, correlation and analysis of alerts, freeing Security Analysts time and aiding them to focus on high priority threats. Investigations are therefore streamlined to deliver faster, real-time response – essential to keep up with today’s evolving attacks.

JASK is reducing organisations risk and improving efficiency through technology consolidation. JASK leverages automation to deliver insights across network, endpoint, and logs. By fusing alerts with additional contextual events and data, JASK automates the correlation and analysis of threats. This enables analysts to become proactive threat hunters, reduce time to detection and run new investigations driven by business insights.

JASKs Cloud Native Platform

JASK operates a cloud-native platform and not on-premise software that has been adapted to run in the cloud. Built using micro-services architecture, JASK taps into the elastic capabilities of the cloud to support auto-scaling event ingestion and access to limitless processing power. With such a flexible approach JASK can provide unlimited data ingestion and processing without a cost penalty to customers.

JASK Insights

JASK Insights gathers intelligence of related threats that provide the Cyber Security Analyst with the full story of a security incident. With JASKs analysis on every alert, Analysts receive the critical context to quickly establish the timeline of events.

JASKs Adaptive Signal Clustering Engine

Insights are acknowledged by JASK’s Adaptive Signal Clustering (ASC) Engine. The ASC Engine uses Machine Learning to initiate Analysts actions to triage every alert, regardless of the perceived severity, with the same rigor, surfacing incidents for Analyst review. As Analysts interact with the surfaced JASK Insights, ASC monitors the Analyst actions, continuously learning from them.

Benefits of the JASK Platform:

  • Freeing the Analyst to threat hunt.
  • Enhanced contextual visibility.
  • Exposes blind spots.
  • Confidence to focus on high priority alerts.
  • Initiates faster response times with autonomous SOC technology.
  • Identifies, monitors and protects critical assets and data across legacy and point solutions.
  • Advanced correlation and analysis across multiple customer sources for improved context and threat identification.

Interested in seeing JASK in action?

VIEW A JASK DEMO and see a new way to detect and respond to threats.


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