Insider Threat​

Insider threat: The actions of a user to exploit their privileges with a view to detrimentally impact the organisation via data corruption, exfiltration or deletion.

What are the problems insider threat​​ can cause an organisation?

In many instances the damage is done long before the organisation is aware that they have an issue. This is because the adversary is utilising valid credentials to carry out the attack and operating from within.

The insider threat may either be a malicious user or quite simply a user who has had their account details compromised through tactics such as phishing. A successful insider threat can have a dramatic impact on the brand, its ability to operate and its productivity. All of these may affect the share price of the organisation.
1 Days
is the average Dwell time.¹
$ 1 b
is the average yearly cost to organisations world wide.²

How does Cyberseer deal with insider threat?

Cyberseer utilise anomaly based machine learning technologies to understand user, network and entity behaviour as well as pro-active threat hunting techniques to detect potentially malicious activity early. Behavioural analytics provides a continual profiling of usage and identifies deviations from anticipated behaviour, be this from an unusually large volume of files accessed or data downloaded to an account being utilised at an unusual time of day or from an unassociated host or location.

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¹ M-tends 2019 report  ² Ponemon Institute Study 2018 cost of Insider Threats: Global Organizations

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