Identification of malicious communications deliberately crafted to lure individuals to providing sensitive data / PII.

The problems it causes organisations?

Phishing, spear phishing, whaling and other techniques adopted by an adversary whereby they masquerade as a reputable entity or person in order to trick the recipient can lead to corporate information being leaked, data loss, business operations disrupted and have a damaging effect to their brand’s reputation.

1 in 25
branded emails is a phishing email.¹
1 %
URL phishing detections increased
by in 2018.²
1 in  1
of all data breaches in 2018 involved phishing.³
1 %
phishing attacks on SaaS and webmail services increased by 48% in Q4 2018.⁴

How does Cyberseer's MSS solve this problem?

Utilising its ecosystem of machine learning and behavioral analytics, Cyberseer analysts are able to detect activity that may be associated with a phishing campaign.

Techniques such as fuzzy logic complement behavioral analytics to provide a solution that not only detect anomalous behaviours, but also supports early identification of domain-based spoofing etc.

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¹ ² ³ ⁴ The SSL 20 Phishing Statistics

These advanced technologies power our MSSP SOC Service offering: