Resourcing Issues

Increasing volumes of security alerts coupled with the recursive cycle of identifying and retaining skilled analysts provides a perfect storm where critical alerts can be overlooked.

The problems it causes organisations?

Resourcing issues and ongoing training to maintain staff can present organisations with major retention challenges.

Machine learning has been pivotal in enabling organisations to find events of interest in their ever-increasing data volumes, but it’s not the complete answer. 

A person with the requisite skills and experience still needs to interpret the output, which is why organisations outsource to an MSSP provider such as us.

1 alerts
per day is the average number that an organisation's internal team has to investigate!¹
1 %
OrganisatIons have see nearly a 25% staff turnover of analysts in the past year.²
1 hrs
Internal teams average 20 hours training per year compared to outsoured SOCs.³
1 %
Increase in volume of alerts requiring investigation.⁴

How does Cyberseer's MSS solve this problem?

Cyberseer utilises technology to remove much of the heavy lifting associated with the detection and contextualisation of alerts. Our SOC is staffed by Tier 3 forensic analysts only, each trained to ensure a consistent approach no matter what time of day or week.

Underneath this the Tier 1 and Tier 2 processes are automated within the Cyberseer Monitoring Platform providing a consistent and structured approach to alert notification.

Learn more about our Managed Security Service and the solutions that we provide to keep your organisation safe.

The benefits of partnering with Cyberseer

Faster Response Times
Faster detection and response to threats maintain strong security posture whilst minimising risk.
Reduced Dwell Time

Collapse detection dwell time by utilising smart tools and smart people.

No More Skills Gap

Maintain a strong context aware security posture. No need to recruit, train and retain specialist resources.

Full Visibility

Utilise all log data to surface even the smallest anomaly that could be a prelude to something bigger.

Dedicated Smart People

Dedicated, creative and inquisitive forensic analysts continually threat hunt across customer environments and manage priority threats.

Enhanced Alerts

Rapid, custom classification enhances alert accuracy and context.

Interested in this service?

If you would like to know more then you can download a data sheet, white paper, request a demo or get in touch with us!

¹Cyberseer  ²Dark Reading  ³IBM Marketing Cloud  ⁴IBM Marketing Cloud

These advanced technologies power our MSSP SOC Service offering: