Managed Cloud Security

Security services that enable your multi-cloud journey with data analysis, CASB and DLP.

About our Managed Managed Cloud Security (CASB)

Cyberseer’s Managed Cloud Security Service is powered by Bitglass technology. Bitglass provides the ability to not only control access to cloud-based and other on-premise data repositories but to also support data loss prevention by controlling what and how data is downloaded and shared.

The solution operates transparently as a central identity and access platform and provides fine grain controls to protecting access to cloud apps without the need for agent deployment on to each device.

Cyberseer will know who’s attempting to access your cloud, from where and from what device.

1 %
of the world's businesses now operate on the cloud.¹
1 %
of workloads operate within a cloud hosted service in 2019 (45% in 2018).²
1 %
of companies use SaaS applications such as O365 & G-Suite.³

What’s different about our Managed CASB?

Cyberseer’s CASB solution helps organisations manage access to their data whilst considering both the access device type and its location before granting permissions.

Further to this, Cyberseer has the ability to control offline document access by enforcing authentication to the document prior to being unencrypted, limiting the amount of time the document will remain available and also tracking the document once downloaded if its shared outside of corporate communications channels.

All documents uploaded and downloaded are automatically scanned for malware and viruses utilising Blackberry Spark zero day technology.

The benefits of partnering with Cyberseer

Faster Response Times
Faster detection and response to threats maintain strong security posture whilst minimising risk.
Reduced Dwell Time

Collapse detection dwell time by utilising smart tools and smart people.

No More Skills Gap

Maintain a strong context aware security posture. No need to recruit, train and retain specialist resources.

Full Visibility

Utilise all log data to surface even the smallest anomaly that could be a prelude to something bigger.

Dedicated Smart People

Dedicated, creative and inquisitive forensic analysts continually threat hunt across customer environments and manage priority threats.

Enhanced Alerts

Rapid, custom classification enhances alert accuracy and context.

Interested in this service?

If you would like to know more then you can download a data sheet, white paper, request a demo or get in touch with us!

¹Gartner report 2019  ²451 Research  ³Hosting Tribunal