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Data sheets and Technology Overviews

Cyberseer Company Overview
Cyberseer For Threat Detection & Analysis Applying Machine Learning to Cyber Security
Sample Threat Report
Operational Technology Security
Exabeam Advanced Analytics
Exabeam SaaS Cloud Essential
Exabeam: Data Lake
Google Chronicle: Security Analytics Platform Overview
Obsidian for Threat Detection in The Cloud
C3M Cloud Control: Ease of Managing Security in The Cloud
Bitglass: Product Overview
Gigamon: In-Band Security Solution
Darktrace: Enterprise Immune System
Darktrace: Antigena
Darktrace: Antigena Email
BlackBerry Protect
Cybereason Defence Platform
Alsid: Service Overview
Big ID: Technology Overview
BeyondTrust: Technology Overview
Attivo Networks: DataCloack, Innovations for Hiding Data and Denying Access to Attackers

White Papers

ASPECT, Automation by Cyberseer
UEBA as a Service
Applying Machine Learning to Cyber Security
Smarter Cyber Security with An Intelligent Driven MSSP
Detecting Insider Threat
The Problem: The SIEM is Broken
Top 12 Use Cases for User Entity Behaviour Analytics (UEBA)
Antigena Email: The Self-Defending Inbox
Insider Threat: Detecting the Threat Within