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Who are Alsid?

Alsid is a fully-packaged, automated solution that monitors the security of any Active Directory infrastructure component in real-time. Deployed without any agent or mandatory administrative privileges, Alsid is non-intrusive, easy and fast to provision. It is always up-to-date and proactively defends against all attacks that target Active Directory.
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How does it work?

Alsid provides simple, non-specialist procedures to improve the security posture of an Active Directory service without tampering with its critical functions. Active Directory Monitoring uses Indicators of Exposure (IoE) to consistently detect infrastructure breaches as soon as they appear.

Each IoE measures the feasibility of a real-world attack scenario, ranging from “textbook” actions to the most recent and elaborate attacks identified by Active Threat Intelligence, making Alsid a pragmatic, field-oriented security solution.

These Indicators of Exposure also help support standards and regulatory requirements and automate the production of compliance reports.

Why should you use Alsid?

Active Directory infrastructures happen to be the focal point of your entire company security. User credentials, mailboxes, corporate or financial data: they are all ruled by the directory
infrastructure, which acts as the master key holder for your company.

Yet, Active Directory’s design makes it easily accessible and exposed to attackers seeking to reach your corporate network. It only takes one single compromised access to jeopardize the entire organization.

Alsid hardens your directory infrastructure, enriches your SOC capabilities with AD threat detection, and empowers your incident response and hunting teams into investigating AD-related threats.

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The benefits of Alsid

  • Anticipate
    Proactively harden your directory infrastructure by bring vulnerabilities and weak configurations to light and maintain strong security boundaries through time.
  • Detect
    Detect attacks in real time using Alsid’s graph-oriented behavioural engine and make AD security part of your SOC processes through our integrations with SIEM, EDR, SOAR, Orchestrators, etc. Hunt for stealthy attacks through advanced queries and pattern matching.
  • Respond
    Replay attacks and hunt for the patient zero throughout all your AD infrastructures and remediate with actionable fixes, inform your response plan with levels of priority and criticality, start with quick wins.

Interested in this technology?

If you would like to know more then you can download a data sheet, white paper, request a demo or get in touch with us!