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BlackBerry Spark

Why should you use BlackBerry Spark?​

Cyberseer Analysts use BlackBerry Protect to respond to threats on customer endpoints. Any attack can be detected, analysed and blocked by BlackBerry Protect to determine root cause and access smart threat hunting capabilities with its dynamic endpoint data interrogation and visualisation layer, InstaQuery (IQ). Our Analysts also use BlackBerry Optics to perform on-demand enterprise-wide threat hunts, searching for files, executables, and indicators of compromise.

They then use IQ to provide instant access to threat hunt results to quickly determine if any endpoint is at risk, minimising available attack and dwell time to reduce the attack surface and speed up incident response. Using these built-in response capabilities, our Analysts can rapidly detect and respond to threats on the endpoint, stopping attackers in their tracks and reducing the risk of a widespread compromise.

Ransomware, advanced threats, file-less malware and malicious documents are no match for the power of AI.
Sarah, Tier 3 Cyber Security Forensic Analyst
Forensic Analyst

The benefits of BlackBerry Spark

  • Smart security technologies are an important component of your security posture but generate little value without security experts available to manage them.
  • Save resources and add value to your existing infrastructure through operational efficiency, by transforming your organisation into a consumer of technologies while empowering your security practitioners to focus on what’s important.
  • Receive weekly and monthly threat intelligence reports, identifying areas that can be improved in your security posture.
  • Consolidate multiple security data logs into one single dashboard.
  • Meet regulatory requirements for logging and monitoring.
    Access Cyberseer’s forensic analysts experience and strategic partnerships with advanced technology providers.

Interested in this technology?

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