C3M Cloud Control​

Official partner of Cyberseer

C3M​ Cloud Control, Official partner of Cyberseer

What is C3M Cloud Control​?

C3M Cloud Control is a Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) solution with the ability to monitor cloud environments across all regions in AWS, GCP and Azure, either individually or as whole. C3M Cloud Control facilitates cloud security posture improvement and adaptation as an ongoing process thereby reducing the chances of an attack.

C3M Cloud Control is a 100% agent-less cloud native security and compliance solution that aggregates compliance management and security monitoring of your cloud instances, enabling centralised visibility of all of your deployments, alignment to compliance and security mandates, as well as real time threats irrespective of their location.

Why should you use C3M?

Cyberseer recognise that Digital Transformation is driving organisations to adopt a cloud-based strategy to enable increased productivity and lower capital expenditure. In many cases separate approaches are being undertaken by different business teams that extend the reliance on cloud computing across multiple cloud vendors.

C3M enable the centralised management of these cloud deployments embracing the ability to overlay identical policies across multiple disparate cloud instances ensuring that there are no monitoring gaps.

For enterprises adopting the cloud it is highly important to be familiar with the shared responsibility of security. Cloud service providers are responsible only for the security of-the-cloud; while security in-the-cloud is the responsibility of the enterprise.

This table details the responsibilities:

C3M Cloud Control: Control​table of shared responsibility model

Native security tools are specific to each cloud provider and as such multiple tools are required to cover a multi-cloud environment.  The result is an increase in configuration and management overhead as each environment will have different interfaces and have varying degrees of functionality between providers. C3M offers a single intuitive dashboard view and a full set of features for all leading cloud providers:

  • Asset inventory
  • Continuous security best practice enforcement
  • Continuous security checks
  • Auto-remediation
  • Security alerts and notifications across multiple channels
  • Downloadable context based reports for all or segmented resources
  • SIEM integration
  • Complete cloud insights using simple query language
  • Ability to create custom policies
  • Network topology visualization
  • Compliance assurance across security standards and regulations including GDPR, ISO, CIS, NIST, GLBA, HIPPA, PCI

The benefits of C3M Cloud Control​

Interested in this technology?

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