C3M Cloud Control FAQs​

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  • No, it is a 100% agent-less solution. It’s all based on API’s exposed by the Cloud Service Providers.
  • Deploying agents is a major concern for CISO’s and Security Organisations, so convey that Cloud Control is agent-less upfront.

The answer depends on the mode selected while onboarding an account

  • Monitor Mode – Only read permissions are needed.
  • Monitor and Remediate Mode – Read + some write permissions are needed.

C3M is a complementary solution to CASB. CASB acts a proxy between your
on-premise infrastructure and your cloud and helps with the following:

  • Access Control for SaaS products
  • SaaS Usage Visibility
  • Security for the Data stored in the cloud – example – identify sensitive data stored in the cloud, including PII information, etc.

It helps you identify possible loopholes you may have in your infrastructure configuration (intentional or unintentional). We also help detect user anomalies, help with IAM governance by identifying over-provisioned users, and helps you answer a very key IAM question – Who did What and When?

C3M currently support CloudTrail log streaming for AWS, giving AWS IAM Administrators a single pane of glass view to audit their users against multiple IAM accounts. You can use our CloudTrail events screen for auditing what a specific user did on a certain date and can also view the raw metadata for the event.

C3m will be adding support for GCP Stackdriver and Azure Monitor by the end of the year (2019). Yes, you can create an API user in our web console and use those credentials to leverage our APIs.

Common Use-cases – Use the APIs to do the following

  • Onboard multiple accounts in one go.
  • Edit Accounts
  • Get a list of violations by account

No, it’s a Single Tenant Architecture. All Cloud Control customers get their own instance with a separate database and access control. There is no sharing of data. The data gets stored in the location where your instance is provisioned. us-east-1, eu-west-1 etc. The location is the choice of the customer.

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