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What is Darktrace Antigena Network?

Darktrace Antigena is an active self-defence product that extends Darktrace’s core power of detection, replicating the function of digital antibodies that identify and neutralise threats and viruses.

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How does it work?

Antigena Network takes intelligent action to neutralise cyber-threats and maintain your key security objectives. Crucial for defending against stealthy, novel, and fast-moving attacks, Antigena reacts in seconds, giving your security team time to catch up.

Unlike legacy defenses, Antigena Network can deliver intelligent Autonomous Response because its actions are grounded in Darktrace’s core AI engine, whose decisions are:

  • made in real time
  • aware of subtle deviations that reveal novel or targeted attacks
  • continuously evolving based on active observation of attacks as they unfold
  • informed by correlation of patterns across the network, not single data points
  • based on a deep understanding of the particular organisation

Unified coverage across your entire network

Antigena Network delivers Autonomous Response across your entire business, providing bespoke protection across IoT devices, industrial control systems, and on-premise infrastructure. While each response is grounded in Darktrace’s self-learning AI, the range of actions it can take fall into one of two broad categories of response:

Tactical Response

With Tactical Response, Antigena Network generates self-directed actions that neutralise attacks in seconds.

Each response is surgical and anchored in the system’s granular understanding of ‘normal’ for the entire organisation. This allows Antigena Network to reliably judge which events merit autonomous response, and also maintain ‘business as usual’ by enforcing the normal ‘pattern of life’ of an infected device or compromised user.

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Strategic Response

With Strategic Response, Antigena Network acts as the ‘AI brain’ of the entire security stack, leveraging high-confidence detections to hand off and integrate with inline defenses as a mechanism for response.

Through active integrations, Antigena Network can seamlessly plug into and enhance your existing ecosystem, informing firewalls and network devices about attacks that have gotten through.

Darktrace Enterprise Immune System

Benefits of Antigena

Interested in Antigena Network?

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