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What is Gigamon?

Gigamon provides active visibility into physical and virtual network traffic, enabling stronger security and superior performance. 

GigaSECURE, the industry’s first security delivery platform enables the delivery of advanced threat intelligence and powers security operations, networks and application performance management solutions in enterprises to efficiently and effectively tackle data-in-motion.

Why do we use Gigamon?

The traditional approach to security based on regularly updated signature definition files is not up to the challenge of zero-day attacks and evolving threat profiles. A more versatile, multi-tiered approach is required, based on complete traffic visibility not only at the perimeter but also inside the network. Integrating an adaptive strategy with pervasive traffic visibility allows for multiple approaches, different technologies, and best-of-breed solutions to be employed immediately and simultaneously to meet new threats both inline and out-of-band.

Gigamon takes a multi-layered security architecture approach. The Gigamon solutions leverage high-fidelity metadata (NetFlow/IPFIX) from the infrastructure and seamlessly migrates tools providing pervasive visibility and control of raw network traffic across both physical and virtual environments to make it work.

Solutions from Gigamon provide pervasive visibility and control of network traffic across both physical and virtual environments, without affecting the performance or stability of the production network.

Gigamon’s GigaVUE-OS enhances the scale of traffic intelligence and visibility, through unique clustering capabilities enabling multiple visibility nodes to be combined into a single node. GigaVUE-OS scales up to 32 H Series nodes per cluster; increases the scale of advanced traffic intelligence up to 15.36Tbps per cluster; and extends traffic delivery to private cloud-based monitoring tools by using L2GRE tunnel encapsulation to allow virtualised tools to secure and analyse network traffic

GigaSECURE® Security Delivery Platform

GigaSECURE provides pervasive visibility of network traffic, users, applications and suspicious activity through solutions including Gigamon’s broad family of TAPs, inline bypass, NetFlow/IPFIX generation and SSL decryption, Adaptive Packet Filtering and Application Session Filtering capabilities.

The platform increases performance and reduces false positives by preselecting only the packets each tool needs to see and performing functions including traffic deduplication, header stripping, packet slicing, masking, source port labelling, time stamping, and decrypting SSL traffic to enable embedded malware to be identified.

Offloading SSL decryption can save up to 80% of resources, and traffic only needs to be decrypted once before being sent to all the security systems that need to see it.

"Gigamon provide pervasive visibility and control of network traffic across both physical and virtual environments, without affecting the performance or stability of the production network."
Forensic Analyst
Gigamon Security Delivery Platform Benefits

Active Visibility: Protect and Respond

Rather than relying on point solutions, multi-tiered security assumes that intruders will get in, malware will move vertically and horizontally through the network, and guarding the gate is not enough. 

It means taking a zero-trust stance and applying security monitoring and best practices throughout the network and for all traffic, using multiple tiers including out-of-band and inline tools, flow-based analytics and regulatory compliance.

Gigamon works with security tools to increase their field of vision, improve their performance, support resiliency, reduce troubleshooting times, and accelerate return on investment. 

The Gigamon Visibility Fabric provides the platform for end-to-end visibility coupled with traffic intelligence that is needed to effectively manage risks and address threats in the ever-evolving threat and network environment.

Why Gigamon?

Innovators of the Visibility Fabric™ architecture, Gigamon delivers pervasive, intelligent, and dynamic traffic visibility to management, monitoring, and security systems without affecting the performance or stability of the production network. 

Gigamon solutions are deployed globally across vertical markets including over half of the Fortune 100 and many government and federal agencies.

Increased security

  • Eliminate blind spots, see everything including inter-VM, SDN and cloud traffic.
  • Extend the reach of security tools pervasively across the enterprise (remote sites etc.)
  • Enable security tools to operate at peak performance (match offered traffic to capacity, eliminate duplicated data).
  • Leverage high-fidelity metadata (NetFlow/IPFIX) to rapidly identify anomalous behaviour.
  • Security automation and orchestration to accelerate detection and response.
  • Mask sensitive data (e.g. credit card, social security numbers) for compliance and privacy.

Cost savings

  • Use low-speed tools to monitor high-speed networks.
  • Extend the life of existing tools, reduce the need for new tools.
  • Tool agnostic – best of breed solutions, no vendor lock-in.
  • Reduce time to evaluate and deploy new tools.
  • Eliminate the need for out-of-hours maintenance windows.
Operational efficiencies
  • Reduce the performance impact of monitoring on network and security infrastructure.
  • Find problems faster, reduce ‘mean time to innocence’.
  • Bridge the divide between network and security teams.
  • Simplify cabling, improve bandwidth utilisation.
  • Reduce the risk of network outage with inline bypass and load balancing for security tools.
  • Seamlessly migrate tools from out-of-band to inline and back again.

Choose your plan

If you would like to select this technology then you have three options to choose from. 

You can select Installation Only, Installation + Support, or if you want to get the most out of the technology then we recommend that you select Installation + Fully Managed Service.

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  • Product Support
  • Software upgrades
  • Maintenance
  • Priority threat reporting
  • Threat Hunting
  • Reporting Weekly/monthly
  • Continuous service improvement

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