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Obsidian cloud Security

What is Obsidian Cloud Detection and Response?

Obsidian protects all of your crucial SaaS apps such as Salesforce, Microsoft 365, G Suite, Zoom, and Box with continuous monitoring and analytics without impacting productivity. The smart cloud tool connects with hundreds of APIs across monitored services to build a rich view of access and activity within your organisation.
What is Obsidian Cloud Detection and Response?​
Your top SaaS threats identified & responded to in minutes

Integrate with leading SaaS and IaaS services

Not only does Obsidian integrates with major SaaS and IaaS services, but it has a complete understanding of each service’s model of roles and permissions, and activity reporting. Obsidian constructs a rich view of access and activity for hundreds of APIs across monitored services that integrates with it.

Platform Capabilities


Obsidian provides a unified view of users, data, and applications in the cloud. You will be able to see for the first time: Who’s using your SaaS apps? Are they doing the right thing? You can easily monitor what users are doing and be notified to threats and hygiene issues.

  • Inventory of access and privileges for each service.
  • Privileged user activity.
  • Activity monitoring across SaaS applications.
  • Normalised data model available to download via API.


Using smart rule-based triggers and machine learning you will receive alerts on risky behaviour, breaches, and policy violations. Discover indicators of SaaS persistence, OAuth token abuse, and other threats. Prioritise and act on the alerts or utilise integrations with SOAR and service management solutions to standardise workflows.

  • Be alerted for risky behaviour, policy violations, and anomalous activity.
  • Reduced alert fatigue for overburdened security teams.
  • Integrations with SOAR and service management.


Build tailored reports with unique insights around application usage, emerging threats and risky behaviour. Get the evidence you need to support your incident response efforts and prove enforcement of user access policies such as Separation of duty (SoD) for compliance and governance.

  • Build tailored reports and dashboards around the needs of your organisation.
  • Export data in multiple formats.


With a single-pane of glass you will be able to investigate potential breaches and insider threats quickly and efficiently. Trace lateral movement of individuals by tracing account sharing, or file upload and access history. Stop data exfiltration and account misuse with auto-remediation built into the platform.

  • Consolidated activity time stream with rich context to investigate breaches and threats.
  • Recommended actions to guide response and improvements.

Why should you use Obsidian?

Obsidian seamlessly provides your organisation with an unrivalled view of its users, data, and applications in the cloud. The smart cloud tool will answer questions such as…Who is using SaaS apps? Should they have access? Are they doing the right thing?

Cyberseer recommends Obsidian to any organisation that operates within the cloud or are thinking of moving to it as it allows them to continuously monitor what their users are doing and be alerted to any threats or issues.
What is Obsidian Cloud Detection and Response?​

The benefits of Obsidian

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