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Advanced Threat Detection Program - Detect, Contain, Eliminate Threats at Cyberseer

Do you know whats in your network?

Conventional defences have blind spots that attackers exploit every day. Cyberseer’s expert Analysts quickly detect, contain and eliminate threats that may have silently compromised your network.

During a 30-day proof of concept period, any discovered threats in your network will be analysed for risk and severity and you’ll receive comprehensive threat intelligence reports detailing what’s in your network. This service is powered by award-winning machine learning technology from Darktrace.

Cyberseer are an official Darktrace Partner

Service Components:

Cyberseer’s Threat Intelligence Service deploys a team of expert Analysts who will be able to provide deep insight into the capabilities and severity of each detected threat.

Darktrace Enterprise Immune SystemCyberseer Detection Technology, enabled by Darktrace, allows the Analysts to continuously monitor and detect previously unknown threats on your systems.

A Threat Intelligence Report will be produced by Cyberseer’s Analysts at the end of the 30-day proof of concept period. This provides your team with a comprehensive analysis of the threats detected on your network.

Proof of Concept overview and what to expect:

  • Easy deployment.
  • Notification as priority threats are discovered.
  • Threat intelligence report at the end of the 30-day period.


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