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Resilient Systems Case Study: USA Funds, Improving Incident Response Times, Safeguarding Privacy.

USA Funds is a non-profit organisation that places the well-being of its clients first, above profit. This includes the protection of private information of the families, schools, and financial institutions they serve.

USA Funds wasn’t going to wait to be breached with personally identifiable information (PII) living on its servers. A robust, consistent and dependable incident response process was needed before such problems arose.

The existing manual planning and tracking process USA Funds had in place relied on lists and report templates in Microsoft Word and Excel, not up to their expected security standards. Milan Tesanovich, Director of Information Risk Management likened Resilient Systems privacy and security Incident Response Platform (IRP) to several others, but no other supported a responsive, comprehensive and compliant response plan.

Resilient Systems case study details how the Incident Response Platform (IRP) improved USA Funds’ team’s incident response procedures, dramatically improved time to respond to incidents and enhanced information security across an already tightly sealed network.

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