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WEBINAR: AI For Cyber Defence: The Machine Learning Engine Fights Back

WEBINAR: AI for Cyber Defence: The Machine Learning Engine Fights Back

Listen to on-demand webinar: “The Machine Learning Engine Fights Back, powering our MSSP”

Cyber threats are becoming increasingly advanced, automated, and fast. Security teams of all sizes are challenged by these attacks every day, and it is clear that humans are beginning to be outpaced.

Leveraging advances in machine learning and AI, Cyberseer operates a managed service that is powered by the first proven solution to autonomously react against in-progress cyber-threats, without relying on rules and signatures. Darktrace Antigena understands an organisation’s evolving pattern of life, it can take actions that are precise and proportionate, ensuring that normal business activity is not disrupted.

Dave Palmer CTO Darktrace

How do Darktrace customers use AI to reduce response time and automatically fight back against emerging threats?

Webinar recordingTune in to on demand webinar hosted by Dave Palmer, Director of Technology at Darktrace and learn how machine learning technology Antigena combined with our service allows networks to directly fight back.


  • Cyber Threat Trends
  • Demystifying AI & Machine Learning
  • What is Darktrace Antigena
  • Transitioning to AI – What You Need To Know
  • Automated Response in the Real World: Case Studies
  • Q&A

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If you would like to learn more about Antigena, how it is deployed and used by customers or how it powers the Cyberseer managed service contact the team via e-mail or telephone 0203 823 9030.

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