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Ondmand Webinar: “The Challenges Faced When Building EBays SOC & How They Were Overcome”

Ondmand Webinar: “The Challenges Faced When Building eBays SOC & How They Were Overcome”


Security Analysts are faced with many challenges in their day-to-day operations and investigating security incidents is hugely time-consuming. A high proportion of their time can be spent on mundane tasks such as determining how to pivot through data, understand user activity, monitor users with elevated privileges and identify who has accessed corporate assets.

In this webinar listen to Andy Skrei, former Information Security Lead of eBay discuss his experience leading eBay’s SOC, the major problems the team were confronted with and how Exabeam User Behaviour Analytics (UBA) helped to overcome these challenges.

UBA combines machine learning, behavioural modelling and analysis to improve SOC efficiency and automate the crucial routine tasks Analysts continually face.

He will be sharing examples of how he used Exabeam at eBay to catch various Red Team activities as well as some of the common response tactics to speed up alert triage.  He will also share some of the benefits he is seeing his customers encounter related to logging health issues and detecting network configuration changes.

Attend this webinar and learn:Exabeam Solution

  • How UBA provides valuable context for investigation.
  • How incident investigation can be accelerated with session-based user activity timelines.
  • How to reduce false positives and prioritise the most concerning threats.
  • Maximise the efficiency of your Security Analysts.

Please register to join the webinar to learn how UBA can help your organisation discover unseen user threats.


Speaker Bio

Andy SkreiAndy Skrei – a Senior Solutions Architect at Exabeam, previously worked as a Lead Security Engineer at eBay developing and deploying technologies for their global SOC. Andy has a unique view on UBA starting as a customer, to now deploying it worldwide at organisations both large and small.



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