Webinar series: 11am, Tuesday 2nd November

Top 5 Cloud Security Risks

From misconfiguration to mismanagement
C3M​ Cloud Control, Official partner of Cyberseer
What you’ll take away from this webinar.
About the webinar

For organisations making the transition to the cloud then a robust cloud security solution is essential. Threats are constantly evolving and becoming more sophisticated, and cloud computing is no less at risk than your on-premise estate, especially in these extraordinary times. As many InfoSec departments cope with the influx of a remote workforce, then having cloud security that provides full visibility is more important than ever.

Are you aware of the challenges and consequences of not having cloud security? Do you have a strategy in place to overcome them? How are you securing your cloud infrastructure?

Join Ian and Paddy as they introduce C3M Cloud Control, address key challenges and provide solutions to:

  • Lack of cloud visibility and inventory
  • Security breaches due to misconfiguration.  
  • Ever evolving compliance.
  • Shared responsibility the cloud.
  • Finding and providing evidence to report to your C-suite.

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Who Should Attend?

C-level execs | CIO’s | CISO’s | Operation security managers | SOC managers |  Security architects and Risk managers.

Ian Dutton, Strategic Architect, Cyberseer
Ian Dutton
Strategy Director

Ian has over 22 years of experience in Networking and Cyber Security, having worked with a multitude of both new and highly established vendors providing solutions in areas of availability, connectivity, security, performance and analytics. He has long been a trusted advisor creating solutions for customers across Data Centre, Hybrid Cloud and Multi-Cloud environments.

Paddy Viswanathan, Founder of C3M Cloud Control
Paddy Viswanathan
Founder and CEO at C3M

Paddy is a senior technology leader with over 16 years of experience in the Cloud and Security domain across geographies. Having been involved in the digital transformation and security initiatives at various enterprises in the US, Middle East and India, Paddy realised the gap between the dynamic cloud adoption, and the need for a comprehensive, easy to use cloud security and compliance management platform. This is what resulted in the founding of C3M and its platform Cloud Control.

Duration and date

30 mins
11am, Tuesday 2nd November​

Why join a Cyberseer webinar?​

Why join a Cyberseer webinar?​