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Ondemand Webinar: How UEBA Detect Data Loss

Ondemand Webinar: How UEBA Detect Data Loss

Webinar Detect Data Loss using UEBA is presented by Mark Reid, Cyberseer Account Manager and Richard Cassidy, Exabeam Account Director of Sales Engineering EMEA

Data loss is a serious problem! In this webinar listen to Richard Cassidy discuss how UEBA can detect data loss and learn:

  • How data loss occurs in many ways
  • How behaviour modelling provides valuable context to an investigation.
  • Generate a session-based user activity timeline.
  • Accelerate an incident response programme.
  • Reduce false positives and prioritise the most concerning threats.
  • Resolve use cases such as data loss, insider threats, external attacks, account compromise and more.
  • How Exabeam’s UEBA platform can be used.

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User Entity Behaviour Analytics (UEBA) detects data loss by stitching together log data to and produce a visual timeline of a user’s activity, normal and abnormal, showing how and where data is being accessed so any compromise can be detected and managed before it becomes a breach. This approach delivers SOC efficiency and automates the crucial routine tasks Analysts continually face. This session closes with a demo of the Exabeam UEBA platform.

If you would like to learn more about Exabeam, how it is deployed and used by customers or how it powers Cyberseer managed service contact the team via e-mail or telephone 0203 823 9030.

About Exabeam

Exabeam is a user behaviour analytics solution that leverages existing log data to quickly detect advanced attacks and accelerate incident response. Exabeam’s Stateful User Tracking™ automates the work of security analysts by resolving individual security events and behaviour anomalies into a complete attack chain

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