Infographic 2019 cyber security trends and expectations

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2018 was the year of large-scale data breaches as visualised in the Cyberseer Infographic: 2018 Breach Highlights.

So, what can we expect to see in the cyber security space in the coming year? 2019 is guaranteed to be filled with new attack techniques. As you think about how to protect your organisation, here’s an infographic of the 2019 Cyber Security Trends and Expectations we believe are in store for 2019 and beyond.

Infographic 2019 cyber security trends and expections

In summary, in 2019 we can expect to see the following cyber security trends and expectations:

  • Growing security and privacy concerns will drive increased legislative and regulatory activity.
  • IIOT and IOT based events will be used for more dangerous forms of attack.
  • Credential theft of biometric data will see criminals bypassing security controls.
  • Attackers will increasingly capture data in transit and via misconfigured settings.
  • Supply chain attacks will grow in frequency and impact.
  • Attackers will enlist AI techniques to supercharge their own criminal activities.
  • Growing 5G deployment and adoption will expand the attack surface area.
  • More and more cyber insurance firms will refuse to pay out on attacks.
  • Defenders will need to depend on AI to counter attacks and detect vulnerabilities.
  • The security skills gap will continue to widen, and more investments will be made into outsourcing cyber security skills.


Written by: Elizabeth Gladen

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