Company Overview

Cyberseer was founded by industry-leading experts in advanced threat management. Our aim was to set up a service that combats targeted and persistent cyber threats which many traditional security solutions fail to protect against.

Cyberseer offers a 24×7 Managed Security Service (MSS). We fuse both machine learning and behavioural analytics from industry-leading vendor technologies with Cyberseer’s automation and contextualisation platform, to equip analysts with a prioritised view of potential threats that an organisation faces. All threats are reviewed and managed to closure by Cyberseer in collaboration with the customer.

Our unique approach to Advanced Threat Management limits our customers’ exposure to attack and the consequences of suffering a damaging cyber breach.


Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Cyberseer demonstrated resilience by forging new partnerships with industry leaders CrowdStrike and Google. This led to the creation of a Google Chronicle managed service. The establishment of a virtual Security Operations Centre (SOC) showcased adaptability and a customer-centric approach to service continuity with our customers.

Our story


Cyberseer embarked on its journey leveraging network behavioural analytics to proactively identify anomalous activities within customers’ environments. This marked the beginning of a commitment to advanced threat detection.


A pivotal moment in Cyberseer’s evolution occurred with the launch of ASPECT, a proprietary automation platform. This platform specialises in classification and enrichment, enhancing the precision and contextual understanding of alerts before reaching the desks of forensic analysts. This move demonstrated a commitment to efficiency and accuracy in threat response.


Recognising the need for diversity in cybersecurity solutions, Cyberseer expanded its vendor portfolio to include cutting-edge technologies that provide behaviour analytics for users, entities and the endpoint. This showcased a dedication to staying ahead of emerging threats.


To further strengthen its capabilities, Cyberseer strategically invested in expanding the in-house team of security consultants. This move aimed to provide dedicated customer support for the deployment of Cyberseer’s comprehensive suite of security products and services.


Cyberseer continued its momentum in 2022 with the development of a Microsoft Defender managed service, focusing on Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR). This highlighted the organisation’s commitment to remaining at the forefront of cybersecurity innovation and embracing emerging technologies.


Now, in 2024, Cyberseer celebrates a significant milestone by successfully scaling its sales team. This accomplishment underscores the sustained growth experience over the years, solidifying Cyberseer’s position as a leading force in cybersecurity.

Our values


At Cyberseer, we pride ourselves on being a welcoming and engaging partner, ensuring a human is always available and dedicated to providing the best levels of service to our customers and keeping your organisations safe.


As a proven and reliable MSSP, we stand as an authoritative and knowledgeable ally, delivering professional services that instil confidence, protecting over 50,000 employees and securing clients’ digital defence strategies.


Cyberseer excels in being a specialist and niche player, leading the way with smart and relevant solutions that showcase flexibility to adapt to your unique environment and the evolving cybersecurity landscape.


With a disruptive and forward-thinking mindset, Cyberseer is confident and proactive in navigating the dynamic cybersecurity realm, employing creative threat hunting methods to stay ahead and eliminate threats.

Providing leading solutions & services for leading brands...

Meet the team

Meet our customer-centric leadership team at Cyberseer, steering our mission with dedication. Click here to learn more about each member.

Dinesh Hirani

Dinesh Hirani

Head of Info Security

Adrian Hunt Cyberseer Director

Adrian Hunt


Meet the Team Tom Lauder Strategic Account Manager

Tom Lauder

Strategic Accounts

Our mission

Our mission is to improve protection for enterprise customers from advanced cyber threats with our always-on Managed Security Service.

Our vision

Our vision is to be recognised as the most innovative, customer centric, advanced threat management services provider in the UK Cyber industry.


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