Advanced Technologies

Powering Cyberseer's Managed Security Service

Exabeam is a behaviour-based security intelligence platform, which utilises machine learning techniques to rapidly detect modern cyber attacks and assess risky activity in your environment.
Google Chronicle
Backstory is a global security telemetry platform for investigation and threat hunting within an enterprise network. It makes security analytics instant, easy, and cost-effective.
Darktrace is an Enterprise Immune System for cyber security, designed using new machine learning techniques. Inspired by the principles of the human immune system.
C3M is a cloud native security solution that offers an organisation complete cloud control through automated cloud security intelligence giving actionable insights into the cloud, it’s security and infrastructure.
Any attack can be detected, analysed and blocked by CylancePROTECT to determine root cause and access smart threat hunting capabilities with its endpoint data interrogation and visualisation layer.

Corelight converts network traffic into 50+ highly enriched logs (Zeek, FKA Bro) across 35+ protocols. Being agnostic to SIEM, Data lake, and analysis tools, our open framework is an ideal compliment to any IR, MDR, or threat hunting team.

Bitglass is a next-gen CASB technology, which enables organisations to extend the security controls of their traditional on-premise infrastructure to cover cloud applications and services.
Gigamon provides active visibility into physical and virtual network traffic, enabling stronger security and superior performance.