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Grace, Cyberseer Customer Service
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Yes, the use of our automation platform and forensic analysts delivers a high level of detection accuracy whist removing the need to support continual analyst operations manually, thus reducing associated operational costs.

Cyberseer utilise automation techniques to enrich and contextualise notifications from your systems which are reviewed by our expert forensic analysts.

Identified priority threats are notified to customers promptly with advice provided to support remediation. The result: a small manageable number of hi-fidelity priority threats with expert support on hand to coach you through the remediation steps.

No, Cyberseer is different to other MSSPs as you will be alerted once our pro-active threat hunting detects anomalous activity that could be a prelude to a priority threat. 

The result: our anomaly-based approach acts as an early warning radar to limit exposure of threats in their infancy supporting a strong security posture.

No, our unique approach provides a fully managed SOC during business hours whilst ASPECT operates 24 x 7 to detect priority threats. On identifying a priority threat our on-call forensic analysts are notified immediately.

Our consultative approach to understand what’s important to you starts our initial discussions prior to any solution being deployed. 

From here, throughout the service, our service management teams and analysts are in regular communication with our customers to both understand changes to the monitored environment but also share news about features and updates and how they provide additional value.

We provide you with the information that you need in a format that’s useful for your organisation such that you can understand your current security posture.
On raising a Priority Threat (Incident) Cyberseer will provide guidance and work collaboratively with the customer security teams to support impact analysis and investigation activities and actively work to support and guide incident resolution promptly.