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We host an array of UK events and webinars focusing on cyber trends, the latest technologies
and threats to your organisation.

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Past webinars

An intro to Google Cloud’s Chronicle
  • How you can leverage Chronicle to search through 100+ petabytes of security telemetry to hunt for threats and malware.
  • How to boost your SOC team's productivity with strategic automation.
  • Best practices to scale your log management in order to achieve greatest visibility.

Built on core Google infrastructure, Chronicle brings unmatched speed and scalability to analysing massive amounts of security telemetry. As a cloud service, it requires zero customer hardware, maintenance, tuning, or ongoing management. Join the webinar to see it in action!

Top 5 security risks for cloud

Are you aware of the challenges and consequences of not having cloud security? Do you have a strategy in place to overcome them? How are you securing your cloud infrastructure? Join us as we address key challenges and provide solutions to the top risks.

  • See the consequences of not having visibility of your cloud estate & inventory.
  • Discover the detrimental impact of misconfiguration.
  • Be more effective at monitoring your multicloud environment.
The consequences of remote working

In recent decades many of us have become accustomed to working from home as technology has progressed and company cultures have evolved. But in these unprecedented times how do InfoSec departments cope as their organisation’s workforce goes completely virtual? What are the challenges they now face as they live through the office mass exodus?

  • You’ll be aware of the issues of remote working.​
  • You’ll have a greater awareness of the current threat landscape.​
  • ​ You’ll see how our services help you achieve full visibility. ​
Legal Event: Mitigating risk within iManage using Cyberseer MSSP

See how Cyberseer work with legal companies embracing User and Entity Analytics from Exabeam, combined with the automation of Cyberseer’s ASPECT platform to enable swift, accurate identification and early detection of threats that could affect your organisation mitigating risk.

  • Sharing our experience and expertise delivering services within the legal sector.
  • Understanding the benefit of complete visibility of the iManage estate.
  • Demo of human vs machine, with anomaly detection powered by machine learning.
  • Addressing the risky behaviours when your users are remote.

About our events and webinars

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Our events and webinars open to everyone.

As devoted as we are to provide our customers with a world class Managed Security Service, we are also committed to helping all organisations keep safe by opening our events and webinars to everyone.

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Our strategy team works closely with the forensic analysts to discuss new threats, trends and threatening activity that we feel is should be shared with you.
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Never miss out on the latest tech advancements

It’s not only threats or common paint points that we discuss, we also like to showcase and give you our opinion on the latest advancements in technology.

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“Well organised and presented. Credible speakers, content and good Q&A!”

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