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Cyberseer has been providing best-in-class managed security services for customers across various industry sectors for many years. Partnering with Google gives our team of tier-3 security analysts the ability to detect, investigate and hunt at an unparalleled speed of search throughout our customer’s networks.

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SOC Services for Chronicle

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Our Expert Analysts Become an Extension of Your Team

Cyberseer’s SOC services for Google Chronicle are powered by a team of expert Forensic Analysts, who “connect the dots”. They leverage the Google Chronicle technology to detect threats in your environment and interpret suspicious activity through a combination of expert human analysis and investigation. Our Forensic analysts work as an extension of your security team and build up a good understanding of your environment and organisation. This style of working relationship is key as it provides further context for the analysts to understand the impact of a threat. The essence of the SOC service is understanding if a surfaced anomaly is worthy of investigation and therefore a real threat in the context of your organisation’s environment.

Chronicle can take all your security telemetry data and process it at scale from anywhere in your environment with the unrivalled speed of search. The adoption of the Chronicle technology fused with expert human-driven analytics provides our customers with timely, accurate and actionable threat intelligence and a deeper insight that no automated technology can attain. With the Cyberseer SOC service organisations can optimise their allocation of resources to target real issues.

24/7 Priority Threat Alerts

The Managed Security Service with a flexible customer focused approach to security challenges

Cyberseer’s Automated Security Platform for Enriching Cyber Threats – ASPECT – is at the core of the Cyberseer SOC Service. It is proprietary, 24×7, distributed platform that integrates with Google Chronicle via API to pull alerts for enrichment, prioritisation, and escalation to our highly trained forensic analysts. The automation of these repetitive and time-consuming processes, along with the enrichment of alerts with internal and external contextual threat data, enables us to do more with less by efficiently and effectively identifying and routing priority threats to analysts, which in turn reduces the time to respond so that threat dwell time can be minimised. This ensures you are only alerted to immediate actionable threats, reducing your internal resource costs and increasing the efficiency of your SOC by removing the alert noise generated by the large volumes of flowing data and allowing you to focus on what really matters.

“Having direct contact with Cyberseer’s Analyst is the main differentiator. Cyberseer Analysts know our environment & can give high fidelity intel on the incident or triage. I’m always impressed with their level of detail”
Global Retailer, Head of information security
Head of Information Security
Global Retailer

The benefits of partnering with Cyberseer

Faster Response Times
Faster detection and response to threats maintain strong security posture whilst minimising risk.
Reduced Dwell Time

Collapse detection dwell time by utilising smart tools and smart people.

No More Skills Gap

Maintain a strong context aware security posture. No need to recruit, train and retain specialist resources.

Full Visibility

Utilise all log data to surface even the smallest anomaly that could be a prelude to something bigger.

Dedicated Smart People

Dedicated, creative and inquisitive forensic analysts continually threat hunt across customer environments and manage priority threats.

Enhanced Alerts

Rapid, custom classification enhances alert accuracy and context.

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SOC Services for Chronicle

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In response to a surge of interest in our technology Google Chronicle we have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions (Google Chronicle Security FAQ’s) and their answers, which we hope will broaden your knowledge.

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