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Exabeam, Official partner of Cyberseer

What is Exabeam?

Exabeam User Entity Behaviour Analytics utilises machine learning techniques to rapidly detect modern cyber attacks and assess risky activity in your environment. By processing log data you are already collecting, Exabeam enables you to prioritise security incidents and accelerate effective response. No agents or taps needed. It’s the only UEBA solution that delivers real value within hours of installation.

The biggest data security threat to an organisation is the lack of visibility into their networks and the amount of time it takes to find the threat actors using valid credentials to get inside their IT infrastructure. Most organisations lack a strategy to deal with this identification problem.

"Exabeam not only improves security, it transforms SOC efficiency and productivity."
Jay, Cyber Security Forensic Analyst
Forensic Analyst

Why use Exabeam User Entity Behaviour Analytics?

Exabeam’s out-of-the-box solution is transforming security intelligence and unlocking the potential of existing SIEM and log management repositories through its ability to detect anomalous credential behaviours, access characteristics, quickly identify hackers using stolen credentials to move through the network and simplify security operations.

Are you experiencing difficulties retaining skilled SOC and IR Members, maintaining existing tools and catching threats early?

Exabeam User Entity Behaviour Analytics goes a step beyond traditional UEBA abilities by performing ‘Stateful User Tracking’ and user session assembly to automatically track and present a complete timeline of all user activities. Built by a team of seasoned security and enterprise IT veterans from Imperva and Sumo Logic, it focuses on attacker behaviour as opposed to ever-changing malware and tools to detect modern cyber attacks.

Every event and anomaly tied to a user from log on to log off is presented using a timeline, including attackers switching credentials across devices and IP address changes. This timeline is used to assess risk and automate many tasks of incident investigation, accelerating the creation of an end-to-end story of the attack, giving your security team the powers required to work more effectively and efficiently.

Exabeam not only improves security, it transforms SOC efficiency and productivity. By operating on existing log data and requiring no agents or network taps, Exabeam delivers value within hours, eliminating the need for complex installation or training requirements.

The benefits of Exabeam

  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Insider Threats APT’s
  • Compromised User Credentials
  • Ransomware
  • Targeted Privileged Users
  • Third Party Security Risks from Suppliers and Partners
  • Increased visibility into the activity of users on your network.
  • Stitch together incidents into a logical timeline from raw logs reducing the time required from Analysts.
  • Access rich context for each asset to assist Analysts for an investigation.
  • Avoid having stale logging policies.

Interested in seeing Exabeam in action?

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A Proof of Concept (POC) is a great way to discover the value of the Exabeam technology and Cyberseer managed service for your organisation.

Exabeam UEBA as a service


Analysing SIEM and log management data repositories with Exabeam is comparable to a security savant in your team who can work 24/7, remember all credentialed activities over the last ninety days for 150,000 employees, compare current activities to those in the past detecting anomalous behaviours, perform security session assembly and surface those users whose behaviours exceed risk thresholds.

Interested in this technology?

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