Cyberseer's Managed Security Service

Cyberseer's Managed Security Service (MSS) hosts a full suite of cyber security solutions for keeping organisations safe.

Cyberseer's MSS hosts a full suite of solutions for keeping organisations safe from risk.

Managed Security Operations Centre

Safeguard critical assets and effectively manage risk around the clock with our Managed SOC.

Managed SIEM

Cyberseer's Managed SIEM will maximise the value of your organisation's log data with unlimited logging and UEBA.

Managed EDR

Our Managed EDR​ solution finds threats faster to minimize damage and protect your organisation.

Managed Network Detection

Detect, triage, and manage advanced threats on your network.


Cyberseer's Security Orchestrated Automation & Response service remediates threats quickly.

Incident Response

Cyberseer's Incident Response service investigates and responding to threats quickly through automated actions.

Why do organisations outsource to MSSPs?

When organisations have access to Cyberseer’s Managed Security Service they embrace a virtual extension to their security team that delivers a comprehensive threat management service.

Cyberseer’s Managed Security Service is led by a dedicated team of smart forensic analysts and utilising behavioural analytics with machine learning technologies; Cyberseer identifies anomalous activity to surface the actions of adversaries.

Our dedicated team provide your organisation with a solution that protects your data, assets & employees from attack and helps you to maintain a robust security posture.

"With this managed service we have increased confidence in our security, which translates into a more stable environment for our staff and customers.."
Markerstudy Group
Lou Lwin, Head Of Enterprise Architecture
Markerstudy Group

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