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Webinar Elizabeth Gladen / 27 April 2020

Webinar: The consequences of remote working

The consequences of remote working From securing your workforce to managing furlough What you’ll take away from this webinar You’ll be aware of the issues of remote working.​ You’ll have a greater awareness of the current threat landscape.​ You’ll see how our services help you achieve full visibility. ​ About ...

Webinar Elizabeth Gladen / 17 March 2020

Webinar: iManage

Webinar Series: Legal Event: Mitigating risk within iManage using Cyberseer MSSP What you’ll take away from this webinar. Your organisation’s iManage deployment and challenges. Scenarios and threats that can affect your data. How does the Exabeam & Cyberseer solution address this? The benefits of Exabeam & Cyberseer’s approach. About the ...

Webinar 2019 Cyber Security Predictions from Cyberseer

today12 December 2018

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Webinar Elizabeth Gladen

Webinar – Cyberseer’s 2019 Cyber Security Predictions

Listen to Cyberseer’s ‘2019 Cyber Security Predictions’ webinar and get prepared for where the security landscape may be headed. 2019; the year of the Pig or PUP*? There have been many significant changes in the way businesses operate over recent years. Cloud adoption is in its prime and many organisations ...

Webinar 2018 breach highlights

today5 November 2018

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Webinar Elizabeth Gladen

Ondemand Webinar: 2018 Breach Highlights

Tune into Cyberseer webinar reflecting on 2018’s breach highlights. With the seasonal festivities approaching and many of us looking forward to sharing it with our family and friends, Cyberseer reflects on the year of the ‘massive data breach’ and look at how the cyber predictions for 2018 played out. When ...

Ondemand Webinar How User Behaviour Analytics Helped eBay Detect and Investigate Cyber Threats

today19 October 2016

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Webinar Elizabeth Gladen

OnDemand Webinar eBays SOC Challenges

LISTEN TO THIS WEBINAR & LEARN WHY USER BEHAVIOUR ANALYTICS WAS DEPLOYED AT eBay. Security Analysts are faced with many challenges in their day-to-day operations and investigating security incidents is hugely time-consuming. A high proportion of their time can be spent on mundane tasks such as determining how to pivot through ...

Co3 webinar on data breach crisis control. How to communicate when you're in the hot seat.

today1 January 2015

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Webinar Elizabeth Gladen

Data Breach Crisis Control Webinar

Taking place Thursday 8th January 2015 @ 6 pm GMT tune into our partners Co3 Systems webinar – Data Breach Crisis Control: How to communicate when you’re in the hot seat. A data breach can become a company crisis quickly, and as the attacks on Sony and Target show, a ...

Whitehat Webinar on Secure Web Development

today27 October 2014

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Webinar Elizabeth Gladen

Complimentary Secure Web Development Webinar

One of the most valuable tools in the fight against web attacks is education. Developers trained in web application security defense techniques will have a tremendous impact on your company’s security posture. However, expert training is both time consuming and extremely expensive. Cyberseer invites you to attend at no charge ...